Sunday, 11 October 2015

Your Life, Your Choice, Your Way.

What is the ONE Thing no one will ever tell you? 

Not teachers, not parents, not brothers or sisters, no not even your friends. No one will tell you because it's the worlds biggest open secret (and no it's got nothing to do with celestial power, or the universe, or even God).

Well it's not bad breath, or body odour; no there's always someone to tell you that, isn't there? It's not bad attitude or that you're slacking either, because you had better believe how many people will tell you that.


The one thing that no one ever tells you is  . . .  .   .    .     .     .

But wait; what do you think it is? And don't just scroll down trying to find the answer. I want you to think hard about what someone could tell you that would change your life.

The interesting thing I've found about life is that if you don't know something you just don't know it. Sure you may be able to make a lucky guess, but mostly if you don't know something you are unable to even frame a question to find out what it is that you don't know. Then when you know, you think "I should've known that;" but you didn't because no one ever told you.

Sometimes things that take only a moment to answer can take years to understand. That is why it took me a long time to put all that I knew together in my life and make it work and eventually write this book. 

You'll not only find the answer to what people don't tell you (and I will tell you in a minute) but more importantly I'll explain it, so you can use it straightaway (well after you've read through Creating A Wonderful Life that is). 

You only get one life, please even if you don't buy my book, make the most of it. 

The one thing people never tell you; is how to manage yourself so that you get what you want. You can read lot's of books that tell you how to write up your goals and visualise them, you learn how to make them feel "real" and look "real" so that they can become real. 

Without knowing the "missing factor" you'll never achieve your goal; it's like looking at a picture of a cake and hoping magically one will mix itself for you, bake itself and prepare itself for the table all without you doing anything other than looking at the picture (and that's also without you buying any ingredients).

Uniquely in Creating A Wonderful Life I explain how to manage yourself and what you do to get what you want.

That's it. 

Anyone can write up their goals, not everyone achieves them. And that's because you need more than a good imagination to get what you want in life.

If you want to invest in yourself and your future do it now. For $3.24 or £2.25 you get the guidance you need (price correct October 2015 for Kindle ebook). Is that too much to ask to invest in yourself? 

Buy Creating A Wonderful Life and don't look back. Take control and get the life you want.

Your life, 

Your choice, your way. 

And the great news is, 

You're just one step away. .  .   .    .     .

Available as an Amazon Kindle ebook now and in Print later in 2015.

"A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing ones own path not chasing after the dreams of others." Chin-Ning Chu

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