Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Life is What You Make It. "Did you hear me?"

 "Life is What You Make It."

You've probably heard that phrase so many times in modern culture that you just don't listen to it anymore; it's become just some words in the background of your busy life. It's used by advertisers, children's TV shows, sports commentators and of course banged out on social media and often with pretty pictures.

The intent of course is to inspire you to buy a product or at least feel better about it and yourself and often by normal people who hope to inspire someone else or at least lift their moment. But over use has made it bland and it's lost its impact.

The challenge for writers, especially writers of self development books is finding a way to motivate people who read their books without using cliche's that have become part of the background noise of life. 

Because . . . . the phrase itself although over-used is still true. At its heart are simple things;

Make good decisions

Take action

Communicate effectively.

Learn to do these things better and your life gets better. Learn to do these things amazingly well and guess what happens to your life? 

The most important person you communicate with is yourself. Remember that, if you recall nothing else over the next few days. Get your internal communication right and you can take on anything.

Of course I'm going to ask you to use my book to help you get the life that you want but you don't have to as there are lots of resources from other writers who offer different approaches and ideas. 

My book is written in an easy to read style with no flammary, no smoke and mirrors, no lengthy unnecessary explanations, no filling up with flowery prose; just straightforward things to do that will make your life wonderful. Follow through with the actions and your life will get better. 

The only thing I ask is for commitment. If you start, you must finish. 

The biggest failing most people experience is not following through. Sure it's great starting with enthusiasm and high energy; but the trick is to maintain that activity and you'll learn how not to give up in the book. What you do everyday really makes a difference.

Life is what you make it. Did you hear me and understand what I meant? 

When do you want to start making it wonderful?

Have a great day.

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