Monday, 25 September 2017

Looking Through Inspiring Cliches to the Message Within.

You've probably heard "inspirational cliche's" so many times in modern culture that you just don't listen to them anymore; they've become just some words in the background of your busy life. They are used by big name manufacturers (Nike, Pepsi, BMW, Armani etc), on children's TV shows, sports commentators and of course banged out on social media and often with pretty pictures (MEMES).
The intent of course is to inspire you to buy a product or at least feel better about it and yourself and often created by "normal people" in PR / Marketing Departments who hope to inspire someone else or at least lift their moment. But over use has made them bland and most have lost impact.
The challenge for writers, especially writers of self development books is how to find a way to motivate people who read their books without using cliche's that have become part of the background noise of life.
One of them particularly for me stands out "Life is what you make it." Used by many writers and performance coaches and hijacked in various forms in advertisements often subtly; especially in Car advertisements (Buy our car and have a better life).
Because . . . . the "phrase" itself although over-used is still true. At its heart are simple things;
Make good Decisions.
Take appropriate Action.
Communicate effectively.
Learn to do these things better and your life gets better. Learn to do these things amazingly well and guess what happens to your life?
The most important person you communicate with is yourself. Remember that, if you recall nothing else over the next few days. Get your internal communication right and you can take on anything.
Of course I'm going to ask you to use my book to help you get the life that you want but you don't have to as there are lots of resources from other writers who offer different approaches and ideas. Find the one that connects with you and use it. 
This is me promoting my book; Creating A Wonderful Life is written in an easy to read style with no flammaryno smoke and mirrorsno lengthy unnecessary explanationsno filling up with flowery prose; just straightforward things to do that will make your life wonderful. Follow through with the actions and your life will get better. End of advertisement :)
Most people do not get what they want in life because they give in when they hit a challenge that seems too difficult to get over. Everyone should know that life will always test you to see if you really want something (or someone). Your energy and enthusiasm hit a low and all you've really done is changed life's routines  (don't get me wrong it's nearly always a better routine). "Giving in" is your emotional response to a situation that allows you to accept the new normality and carry on with life (albeit with some distant feeling of loss or failure). 
However, sometimes giving in can be the right response; for example allowing one of "life's" occasional storms to move on and calmness return so that you can continue. This then becomes a pause and not an end; bear that piece of wisdom in mind next time your world goes bonkers (either at work, family or in the bigger world).
Life is a series of phases for you to negotiate and in time all will pass. You evolve. You learn continuously (whether you think you do or you don't).
The only thing I ask from you (and for you) is commitment; in fact it's the only thing in life that truly matters. If you start, you must finish! Your life is really what you make it (yes you own it). Once you realize that simple truth you begin to take control of events and your future. Put aside the fear, put aside the voices that say you cannot; because inside you know that you can. Right?
Some people and you may know one (you may even be one) love the beginning of new things and they are full of energy. The excitement of something new, the thrill of new experiences, people and things seems to drive them; but once the initial high energy phase is over "like a butterfly" they lose interest and look around for something new to get excited about. 
The biggest failing that people experience is not following through. Sure it's great starting with enthusiasm and high energy; but the trick is to maintain that activity and you can learn how not to give up in my book Creating A Wonderful Life
Learn to finish what you start, however hard, however challenging; learn to go the distance. 
What you do everyday really makes a difference. What you do only once changes only that moment.
Can you look at inspiring cliche's with new eyes now? Can you see through the spin and sparkle to see what is meant and what you should do when that realization occurs? I hope so, I hope today that you heard you're own personal wake up call. Whether you go on to buy my book or someone else's I hope you learn to make your life wonderful. If you choose mine it's available on Kindle and as a paperback in all great bookstores and
I truly wish you a great day.
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